Access Control

An access control system is aptly named because it is a system that will allow or disallow access to areas you wish to control. It can be stand alone or be used in conjunction with a master key system.

An access control system can be used on doors, padlocks , gates, cupboards, display cabinets, boom gates, lockers, drawers, cabinets, photocopiers, lighting , pretty much anything you need to lock will be compatible..

An access control system is designed to protect assets by controlling users such as contractors, visitors and employees. This is done by introducing a rolling expiration date or time. Simply put you design the system around who has access and when. You enter the data into a PC or laptop and this can be done on site or remotely.

For instance when used in a school, the system can unlock and relock external doors at the start of the day, recess, lunch and close of business Monday to Friday. All other access outside of these times will require the use of a credential to access the buildings. The system can be programmed so certain users cannot get access during holidays or weekends.

Apartment blocks also show us a good example of access control. On doors where many people need to gain access, a single credential can operate the apartment, the ground floor entry, gym, pool and stairs . If a credential ( Card or Fob), is lost it is simply programmed out of the system and no other user is affected.

Access control systems are in use in many areas such as schools, business, aged care facilities, apartment buildings, sporting facilities, transportation and hospitals.

At Access Commercial Security we are suppliers of Kaba, Assa Alboy, Salto, FSH,  Rosslare, Crow,  and Cliq systems. Contact your local branch to discuss the design and implementation of Access Control within your current business or upcoming project.

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Ideally suited to:



Aged Care


Manufacturing Companies

Real Estate Agents

Local Councils



Sports Clubs

Utility Companies


Benefits of an Access Control System


Control employee and visitor access

Protect assets

Remote pc access

Secure area

One credential access.